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Post by TheButcher » February 7th, 2018, 4:53 pm


Going to make this simple and very effective.

1. Top banner site wide.
2. Bottom banner site wide (Must be different from the top banner).
3. Mailer to all 72,000 registered users from sponsorchat (The former board before the domain name change to this one).
4. A thread in any forum you want that you can add all the promotional posts you want.
5. 2 day sticky thread you started in any forum here you want.
6. We'll add your site to the contact list, so any relevant request by a member here or guest will get screened and forwarded to you.
7. We will forward you any relevant thread regarding your site/business so you do NOT have to waste your time monitoring topics.
8. Listing on the board Directory

Contact US from the contact link on this iste
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